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Notes about Friends Memberships

As is the current tradition, we are offering a "friend" level pre-support that will convert to an attending membership if you vote in the site selection election (to be held in 2010).

Generally, those funds are used by bids to fund the marketing campaign so they usually represent a loss of revenue for the winning convention. We are not currently in a position where we feel we need that extra money per pre-support for the campaign. However, we do not wish to remove this as a choice for those who would like to avail themselves of the option.

As such, we have committed to only allowing the bid to access $20 from these friends' memberships. The remaining funds will be held in escrow for the convention. Should we win the 2012 event, we will use these escrowed funds to purchase the attending membership conversions for all who have availed themselves of this pre-support option and chosen to participate in the vote.

We are happy to be able to offer this as an option. We would just like you to understand that if your purpose is purely to be friendly to the bid and have more than $20 to toss our way, it helps the campaign more if you take your surplus money and help a friend or two to start THEIR pulp collection.