Why Chicago?

Well, the first reason to choose Chicago is air safety. If fans keep flying overhead without stopping by for a chat and some fun, we'll be forced to pull out our Atomic Aluminum Densifyer™ and use its nefarious and nearly unlimited powers to MAKE your planes land. If that reason alone isn't enough for you, we invite you to choose from any of the following:

Fannish Community

We have a large and active fannish community here in Chicago. We have many annual conventions and groups that meet and socialize outside of conventions as well. Each event has its own unique flavor and we manage to have loads of fun at each.

Our annual conventions are:

Capricon (February)
Anime Central (May)
Duckon (June)
Windycon (November)
Chicago Tardis (November)
Midwest FurFest (November)

Chicago has also previously been the home of many travelling conventions including the Nebula Awards, CostumeCon, World Horror Convention, World Fantasy Convention, SMOFCon and six prior Worldcons (most recently in 2000).

The City

If you have seen the city once...well, you've seen it once. Many of us have seen it our whole lives (and a few of us even longer than that using our powers of PreNatalCognition) and we're not tired of it yet.

Pizza! Food! Beer!

Chicago is home of some of the best pizza on the planet! Had enough Pizza? Chicago is also home to many spectacular restaurants - pick an ethnicity and we have it. We also have bars and pubs and breweries to suit all the varied manners of tastes you may be looking for.

Lake Michigan

Chicago is home to 29 miles of development free shoreline. Land reserved for the people as a whole thanks to some wonderful forethought in city planning. It's breathtaking and beautiful and completely accessible to all.


Chicago has one of the most extensive collections of museums in the nation. The Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum of Natural History, Adler Planetarium, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Children's Museum, Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, the Chicago History Museum, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and the EMINENTLY fannish Museum of Science and Industry. To name just a few.

Parks and Gardens

The official motto of the City of Chicago is "Urbs in Horto". For the two of you that don't speak Latin, that means "City in a Garden". Chicago has reserved MUCH of the area of the city for beautiful green space. Not only just for the large parks, such as Grant Park, Lincoln Park, or Millennium Park, but for small neighborhood parks for relaxing and playing.

Art and Architecture

Chicago is also home to several outdoor sculptures and artwork in the Loop including Calder's Flamingo, Chagall's The Four Seasons, Miro's Chicago, Picasso's Untitled, and our new favorite, Kapoor's Cloud Gate. In addition, Chicago is home to many stunning buildings, many of which are highlighted on numerous available architecture tours.


Chicago supports one of the largest theater populations in the nation. Among the most well known are the Oriental, Cadillac Palace, Auditorium, Chicago, Goodman, and Lookingglass Theatres which are host to amazing Broadway level productions. The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre is located at Navy Pier (an attraction unto itself!) and on the near north side of town you will find the world-renowned Steppenwolf Theatre Company. These are just the LARGE theaters. The city also supports hundreds of smaller companies.


Chicago is home to the Blues, but Jazz, Rock, Folk, and Classical are all prominent as well. There are hundreds of music locales for every flavor with live music every night of the week.


In 1998, Chicago's long nightmare finally ended when the Fire kicked off their first season in Major League Soccer. Finally Chicago sports fans would no longer have to warm themselves with only news of lower sports franchises like the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, or Bears.